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I've been blogging since December 2004.  What started out as a simple journey to document our days as a homeschooling family, has turned into a bunch of posts unfolding over the years.  It's a story.  It's the words dancing on my heart.

I'm happily married, mama of 5, a mountain dweller, a homeschool teacher, and completely humbled by undeserving grace.

I tend to ramble, think Anne of Green Gables - my kindred friend in spirit.

I'm married to my best friend and together we have 5 daughters.  Yep, FIVE GIRLS!! {secretly we call our home the "house of hormones"!}

I'm passionate about homeschooling.  I love to snuggle up with warm blankets, watch the flames flicker in the fireplace, sip hot tea, and read aloud to my girls.

We have graduated 3 daughters and still in the trenches with our youngest 2 daughters.  I remember early on when homeschooling was a bit lot more simple.  There was a lot less to choose from!  I was touched by a gentle mentor, {Missey Gray}, and embraced her shared method of heartschooling.  I'm still learning beside my girls and loving every minute.  I'm so grateful for my hard working husband {thank you, dear husband } and the gift to stay home and do what I love.

Dear husband & daughters,

I dedicate my writings to leave memories of the moments we treasure together.  May we grow together through these moments to glorify our Creator and loving Father.

~ xo,
olive & plaid

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