52 lists

You can find the current week's list and all past lists HERE!

Information on the 52 lists - blog edition!


I'm not the original creator of 52 lists - but found the 52 lists blog style from the author a few years back and decided to host it.  It was a fun meme!  Moorea Seal is the author and I highly suggest you look her up if you want to learn more.


Simply put, this meme is posting 52 lists - one per week.  The concept is that you can put as much or little time or thoughts into your lists as you like.


With January 1st, 2018 starting on a Monday this year, we will be starting Monday!


I will host it here on oliveandplaid.com.  I do request that you share a graphic (I will provide) in your posts so that others may find us and join in.


Because it's fun and fits the tagline I'm embracing --

 something to love + something to do + something to think about.


First you will read the current weeks list and then write out your list in a blog post and add the graphic (below).  Then you will copy your post link, and come back here to link up each week.  It's nice if you can visit others, but I'm not going to require it. I want this easy without causing added stress to anyone.

 Grab a graphic!   

Below will be a listing of fun sites that might help make your lists a little more fun to make:

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