52 lists {15} - favorite meals

List #15 - List your favorite meals

I had really wanted to get some recipes shared for my daughters and use this list to link them, but alas, life is far too busy, my house has piles of things I'm going through, and then the crazy stomach flu hit.  Meals were kind of on the back burner this week, as chicken noodle soup, and popsicles were the only thing the girls kept down.

Favorite Meals around our home include:
  • holiday meals - love Thanksgiving!
  • spaghetti with homemade sauce
  • BBQ - kabobs, veggies, hamburgers
  • tacos
  • breakfast for dinner
  • soups and salads
  • crockpot meals
  • BLT & avocado sandwich

Eating out:  I have a favorite Japanese Tepanyaki restaurant that I love!  Texas Roadhouse - steak!  Panda Express - Beijing beef & noodles -- and I'm not a fan of fast food.   Panda and El Pollo Loco and In-N-Our Burger are probably the only places I would choose to eat at.  My family calls me super picky and I think the older I get, the worse I get.

I hope that you will join me!

  • Write your list (must be family friendly)
  • Grab the graphic
  • Publish your post and copy the direct link
  • Come back here and link up each week on Monday!
  • Please try to visit other 52 list friends and encourage one another.

Next week's topic: list the things that keep you up at night 

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