USA Passport Activity Booklet {FREE Printable}

Back by request, is a printable I made to enhance a study of the 50 States.  

Our learning adventure has had us learning about the roots of America and we plan to continue on traveling through the United States.  We've been having a lot of fun and I'm excited to share a cute little USA Passport Activity Booklet (FREEBIE) that will keep us packing our bags (in pretend play) and touring through each of the 50 states.

My daughter has had a lot fun! Very simple activities -- coloring in the state name and writing the state abbreviation.   Each state page has a map of the state and some cute little facts pertinent to that state. There is a place to date stamp a record of your learning, too!   I printed the pages, cut them out and had them comb-bound.

We are using this to add a very simple state study to our learning time with Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory (Unit 8 is a great starting point - doing 2 states per week).

 {NOTE:  This is a large file.}


  1. This is adorable and I'm going to send the link to a friend who has 4 children she homeschools. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it! How did I miss this back when we did beyond? We will be doing a state study in HOD Rev to Rev soon :) I want to add recipes from the states along the way. This would be fun!

    1. I made it a while ago and it brought back fond memories to post this printable. My daughter enjoyed doing Rev to Rev -- I hope that you will. I remember the music/composer (I think it was this program.).


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