52 lists {10} - ways you can cleanse for spring

List #10 - List the ways you can cleanse for Spring

I'm not really ready for Spring and yet it is rapidly approaching!  I'm seriously dreading the time change happening in a week -- ACK!  I love my winter hours and overall slower pace.  Because of this, I've decided that I wanted to change some things up and try something a little different - specifically in areas that take up so much of our time - like school.  Usually come February, things are feeling a bit draining and "cleaning up" makes it feel a little brighter!

{target date to complete by in brackets}

Homeschooling: {goal to complete all by mid-April}
  • Each late Winter or early Spring, we will be cleaning up our "program guide" part of school and moving into something new - leaving only Math & Language Arts the same until we change in the next school year. ✓
  • Organize school supplies/books in school room
  • Order books ✓- only need math for 1 child
  • Sell books
Home-Sweet-Home: (needs interior {by Fall} & exterior paint {unsure})
  • Girls bedroom - needs new carpet {by Summer}
  • Kitchen - clean out cupboards and donate dishes/bowls and such not being used {3/31}
  • Dining room - clean learning corner ✓ and China hutch {3/31}
  • Family Room - go through movie cabinet & purge {4/15}
  • Piano/Library area - get rid of some furniture to open up the room {4/30}
  • Write our favorite Bible verses on the new posts of porch before we paint {3/10}
  • Master bedroom - thrift clothing from dressers and closet {3/31}
  • Change out batteries in smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors {3/25}
  • Exterior/Property - need to work on list with husband {unknown - need better weather}
  • Hall Closets - purge out coats that are too small & organize blankets, sheets, etc. {5/15}
  • Burn papers/purge files {ongoing each day we have a wood burning fire}
  • Back-up posts and template ✓
  • Move recipes & FREE printables to this blog
My Favorite Cleaning Products:
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Mrs. Meyers Spray (Radish scented- yes!)
  • Hard Water cleansers - BonAmi & The Works - I despise that I HAVE to use these harsh chemicals, but they are the only thing that is keeping us from replacing toilets & faucets.
  • All-Free & Clear Laundry
  • Seventh Generation Dryer Sheets & Wool Dryer Balls
  • Kirkland Environmentally Responsible Dish Soap - seems good with our septic
  • Grove Collaborative Glass Cleaner Concentrate

CHALLENGE:  Complete 1 task during the first week of Spring!

I hope that you will join me!
  • Write your list (must be family friendly)
  • Grab the graphic
  • Publish your post and copy the direct link
  • Come back here and link up each week on Monday!
  • Please try to visit other 52 list friends and encourage one another.

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  1. Your list is very detailed and inspiring! I like that yo have set goals with dates. I hope to make mine soon.

    I’m actually looking forward to seeing the clock spring forward this year so I can “sleep in” for a change, hehe! I am tired of always being up 2 hours before everyone else because I wake to a cold, dark house. I’ve always dreaded losing that hour of sleep in the past though. (((hugs)))

    1. I think my list is a little too much--ha! I really do need to hopefully get most of crossed off quickly.

      I deeply wish I could love the time changes but seriously the Springing forward and losing an hour just throws me off so greatly because I'm not a morning person. I'm glad that you are looking forward to it.


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