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This concept is not new and I've seen this from many sources.  I started using my first markings in my Bible with a Bible Study for Busy Moms by Doorposts.  Each time I've done a Doorposts study, I've really enjoyed the lasting imprints. 

This year, I learned about the Every Day with Jesus Bible from @AmyHale and was finally able to find a copy.  It's out of print and often times it's quite expensive, so I had to keep watching for a copy in an affordable price range.  I'm behind in reading, but determined to read two days worth each day until I catch up.

Specific color coding as I read through my Bible is new to me, but after a few days, I am already seeing the meaningful Scriptures in a new light.

This is a personal decision, and I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should pray and decide over the process - from actual choosing to do this - to determining what each color represents to you personally.

I'm sharing mine as a printable for those that desire to do this, but may be struggling to get started.  It's really been a blessing to me in my searches, to see what others used and implemented.  I'm a visual person and look forward to seeing this throughout my entire Bible and the end of the year.

I'm making this available as a FREE printable and hope it encourages others to be studying the Scriptures every day!

*Helpful link(s):
Bible Highlighters from The Daily Grace Co.  I love that they don't bleed through!


  1. I am really enjoying this new blog of yours.. As you know me..fellow stalker since the Training Hearts days.. A kindred blogging sister you are.. I have been wanting to do something similar in regards to the colour coding but was always hesitant to do so..but your little page is given me the encouragement I need to really dive into the word and let the letters pop with what I need to have placed my heart.

    1. Yes, you've been a friend along the journey of many years and many blogs ::blush, blush:: This time, I went totally different and chose the olive from a Biblical standpoint and the plaid for me and went with a tag line to tie in our daily lessons as they unfold into "love + do + think about" and I think I finally found my little niche to wherever it may lead in this journey. I am glad that this printable will give you the encouragement to dive into His Word. May you be blessed in the time well spent. ((hugs))


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