52 Lists {6} - the ways in which you can love others

List #6 - List the ways in which you can love others

I needed this today.  We are broken hearted at the loss of a young neighbor girl and I was struggling to even think of ways to help.  I knew that I still needed to post this list and was truly touched by the topic.  I'm just going to paste what I listed previously, because it says much of what I believe I would list again.

**CHALLENGE - try to ACT upon list!**

Keep inspiring/encouraging bloggers -- I hope that my readers feel this.

Make handmade gifts --  still working on this one.

Listen to others-- I had a special opportunity by telephone and texting to do just this

cook a meal for someone -- I plan on making a meal for my neighbor's next door who are grieving.

admit when I am wrong --
I do struggle with this area but I've been working on accepting my shortcomings.

send a text to say, "I care" --
I did this with several struggling friends this week.  I really do care.

think before I speak --
I did have a moment this week where I "knew" the directions to something but decided to wait rather than spark a possible argument.  It was pleasant :)

pray for others --
an ongoing process.  If any reader has a prayer need, let me know and I'll add you to my prayer list.  {prayed for:  a friend adjusting to new changes, another friend feeling oppressed, safe travels, a homeschooling mom with health issues, a family member's marriage, a friend in the hopsital, the loss of Alexie... & more}

be transparent --
I sometimes think I am too transparent and my posts come off like I am wallowing in self pity.  Sometimes, it hinders me from writing because I don't want to come across that way.

accept hospitality & live humbly--
this one is very hard for me.  I like to be on the giving end.

give through Compassion --
we sponsor children through Compassion and it's such a blessing.

read aloud --
love reading books with my girls! 

be available & willing --
I WANT to be available more and hope that my strength carries me so that the willing part of my heart will be able able to be available.

slow down --
I don't do this on my own very well.  When I have a good day, feeling well and without pain, I cram as much in as I can.  I am grateful that when I am forced to slow that I have the moments to ponder ways to improve.  It's also an opportunity to allow my girls and I to work together more.

forgive and let go --
This is a hard area, but I did have a close family member that hurt me by her selfish ways.  It really bothered me, but with slow deep breaths, prayer and remembering her situation, I have forgiven and decided to let it go.

gather together & celebrate moments --
We are having a family gathering today for Daughter H's birthday!!

hug tightly & hold hands --
I treasure each day after being forced to live apart with my health.  I wrote the following two years ago and it still has not been forgotten.  I don't take living up on the mountain for granted.  Each day at home is a gift!
I miss my husband and I so loved holding his hand on a short evening walk and hugging him tightly.  My heart whispered, "I wish I could go up the mountain with you.", but I didn't say anything out loud and didn't want to let go. {being transparent again}

keep a pleasant/inviting home --
I have been working diligently for years now (although at a snail's pace with my limitations), but I want to minimalize and really enable more quality time with the people I love instead of always cleaning up, organzing, putting away, etc.

comment on other blogs --
I really do try to return the blessing of your visits and try to find one new blog to read & comment on each week.  I've been traveling for 2 weeks and been a little behind and slowly catching up.

live by example --
I try every day.

offer support --
I had the opportunity to text with a friend and pray for her.   I wish I could have done more.

just be present --
I am here!!

I hope that you will join me!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for the prayers. I feel the heartache for my neighbors and a bit helpless know knowing what we can do to help them right now.

  2. Accept hospitality. That is a hard one for me too. Very hard. I am such a giver that when I'm receiving I tend to appear very ungrateful. It's been a long learning process for me.

    1. 'tis better to give than to receive ...Yes,I agree that accepting hospitality is really hard.

  3. I love how detailed, practical, and applicable your list is, and I'm really thankful to be able to call you my friend. ❤️


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