Bible Daily Notes [Free Printable]

I've been following @AmyHale on IG and love her heart for mentoring other women to be saturated IN THE WORD!   I consider her a mentor in my spiritual journey to have a closer and deeper relationship with my Saviour.

She inspired me this morning, in her IG story, to create this file and write my morning beginning notes to prepare my heart to read His WORD and cultivate a more MEANINGFUL relationship.

I'm making this available as a FREE printable and hope it blesses others to begin their days with an open heart.  This has notes for each day of the week and an extra blank one to be used as you feel led.


[updated to include additional box]


  1. Thank you for the wonderful printable! This will be such a blessing as I start my quiet time each day.

  2. Hello! Great to have you back in blogland! Happy new year x


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