52 lists {1} - the words that touch your soul


I'm looking forward to another year of list making in such a fun and easy way.  I love the connection it brings with others and I'm especially going to challenge myself to keep my tag line alive and align my lists with
someone/something to love + something to do + something to think about.

I wholeheartedly believe that these lists can stretch and grow us.

I am grateful to the author of 52 lists for sharing on her blog so many wonderful lists.   We will be following similarly, but I am hoping to offer some challenges in our year long adventure together.

For additional information on the 52 lists blog style project, please visit the 52 lists link at the top of the site.  This will hopefully answer all your questions and has the grab graphic code for either a sidebar graphic and/or post graphic. 

List #1 - list the words that touch your soul

  • believe {my faith}
  • create
  • gather
  • grateful / gratitude
  • household {homemaking}
  • love & honor {marriage}
  • nourish {recipes & such}
  • outdoors {nature walks}
  • ponder {deeper thoughts}
  • teach {homeschool}
  • tradition 
  • family
  • transparent
  • simple/minimal
  • warm
  • cozy
  • books
  • friendship
  • grace

 [created with wordle.net]

I actually pondered many of these words for a while, as I reflected and prayed over blogging again.  After great thought, I've chosen words from this list to become the topics that I will be blogging about.

**CHALLENGE:  Choose a word for the year and share it.**

 My word for 2018 is:

I hope that you will join me!
  • Write your list (must be family friendly)
  • Grab the graphic
  • Publish your post and copy the direct link
  • Come back here and link up each week! (Leave your direct link in the comments & I'll add your link & a graphic square)
  • Please try to visit other 52 list friends (below) and encourage one another.

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Next week's topic: your greatest comforts
52 lists with Olive & Plaid


  1. I found your list incredibly inspirational. Can't wait to read any others that join up with you!

    1. Thank you for participating! I'm looking forward to the year ahead and the deeper, MEANINGFUL moments, to unfold.

  2. I love your list! So many of them are words that touch my soul, too. Meaningful is such a great word for 2018.

    This is the second year I chose a word. After much prayer my word for 2018 is ENOUGH. ENOUGH - accepting and embracing the limits in order to live unhurried and for peace and gentleness to shine through. Jesus is more than ENOUGH. He is all I need. I just need to follow.

    1. Hello dear friend! Thank you for sharing your word of the year. I loved that your focus will be Him being enough and all you need. ~Amen!!!

  3. I love that you chose your blogging topics from your list, and what a great word!

    1. I want to embrace "meaningful" in moments, friendships, my Bible quiet time, read alouds with my girls, dates with my husband, family gatherings, our traditions, my thoughts, fellowship, and so much more. I'm looking forward to seeing the 'FULL meaning' of the gifted blessings around me.

  4. Your list is wonderful and I'm so glad you're doing this again!!! :)

    1. I'm having fun doing this again! I loved how it gave me that element of "something to think about" and dig deeper.

  5. OH how wonderful! I loved these lists!


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